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We Go Where Your Patients Are - And Make It Count

With our social media marketing strategy, we will extend your reach and automatically place your practice at the forefront of your patients’ minds. No matter whether you are looking for creative ways to extend your reach via social media channels, increase your online reputation, or increase your website traffic, we can help.

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Designing Social Media Strategies To Aid Healthcare Providers

When your high-quality care is combined with social media, it makes your practice stand out in the healthcare industry. Our experts help increase your active patient count through data-driven Social Media Marketing (SMM) services. We use varied analytical tools to create posts/messages that cater to your potential patients.

Building Awareness Online- Strategies That Keep Your Patients Coming Back

Social Media has changed the way healthcare providers and patients communicate and interact with each other. Leading social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more use sophisticated technologies to enable users to communicate with each other in real-time. Further, if you are not active in Social Media Marketing, you will fall short of other socially active practices. When social media strategies are implemented in the right manner, they can assist your practice in building a positive online presence and establishing trust among your potential patients.

Facts Don't Lie


42% of social media users viewing health
information on social media look at
health-related online reviews.


27% of people post status updates or
comments based on health-related experiences.


90% of people aged 18-24 stated that they
trust medical information that is shared
on their social feeds.

Why Social Media Management?

Social Media Management can be a great way to engage with your potential patients and promote your healthcare brand. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube can be extremely powerful when they are used effectively, providing a cost-efficient solution for promoting your practice with existing and new patients. As a full-service healthcare marketing agency, we work with you to harness the power of this healthcare social media strategy, that’s being managed by a team of SMM experts who understand the needs of your brand.

The More Active Your Practice Is On Social Media, The More Website Traffic You Will Get.

Helping you attract new patients for your practice
In today’s fiercely competitive market, your website is the entry point for your prospective as well as existing patients. If it’s done right, your website will provide everything that you want- capturing your visitor’s attention, delivering an engaging patient experience, and converting your potential patient into an actual patient. At Rising Tide Revenue, we pay special attention to your online reputation, which helps bring more new patients to your practice.
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More Benefits of a Healthcare Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management Keeps Your Practice At The Top Of a Prospective Patient’s Mind

Drive Targeted Web Traffic
Increased Leads & Conversions
Builds Positive Online Reputation
Increased Global Reach
Increased Revenue

Providing results-driven social media marketing strategies
to help your practice grow digitally

Connect & Engage Via Social Media

We specialize in Facebook and YouTube strategies for marketing healthcare practices. And this includes regular posting of free, useful, and valuable content. It also includes ads to drive traffic to your content and your website to increase the awareness of your practice and the interest in it. Depending on the unique needs of your practice and your goals for social media, our experts will work with you to craft a plan that makes sense.
Grow Your Practice & Get

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  • Patients

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