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Marketing for Orthopaedic Surgeons includes some unique strategic challenges

Here at Rising Tide Revenue, we understand these challenges very well since our CEO and founder is a practicing Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Orthopaedic Surgery patients include teen athletes, elderly joint replacement patients, and everyone in between.

So, the marketing strategies used must incorporate these differences in order to be effective. Targeting the right patients with the wrong message will not result in an effective marketing strategy nor an efficient use of the marketing investment.

Getting the right message for your practice

We understand the various subspecialties of Orthopaedics – Sports Medicine, Spine, Adult Reconstruction, Foot/Ankle, Hand, Trauma, Shoulder/Elbow, etc.

We specialize in getting the right message for your practice to the right audience for your specific subspecialties.

We customize a marketing plan to your practice’s specific needs in order to achieve the most efficient and cost effective marketing strategy.

Combining your expertise in Orthopaedic patient care with our expertise in marketing your practice results in an exponential increase in new patients entering your clinic. And increased new patients lead to increased revenue!

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Rising Tide Revenue can help create and manage a strong online presence for your Orthopaedic practice. Having a high level of experience in the field of digital healthcare marketing, we implement marketing strategies that achieve higher search rankings, increased web traffic, stronger online presence, generate more patients, and increase the ROI for your practice.