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Urology practices across the country differ based on the subspecialty makeup of the physicians in the practice

These subspecialties may include Urologic Oncology; Renal Transplantation; Calculi; Female issues such as bladder control, prolapse, and cystitis; Male Infertility; etc.

As a result of each practice’s varying subspecialty emphasis, there is no one single marketing message or strategy that is effective for all practices

Efficient and Effective use of your marketing investment

At Rising Tide Revenue, we customize the marketing message and strategy to your practice’s specific needs. We spend the time needed to get to know your practice and your areas of expertise.

A marketing plan is then created to optimize the influx of appropriate new patients to your practice. This leads to significantly more efficient and effective use of your marketing investment. And an increase in new patients leads to an increase in revenue!

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Rising Tide Revenue can help create and manage a strong online presence for your Urology practice. Having a high level of experience in the field of digital healthcare marketing, we implement marketing strategies that achieve higher search rankings, increased web traffic, stronger online presence, generate more patients, and increase the ROI for your practice.